What Does Amazon Web Services Do?

Amazon Web Services provides an impressive array of cloud-based products and services for businesses of all sizes.

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A long time ago, companies could only store important data and information in on-site storage centers. For many of them, storing large quantities of data was time-consuming and expensive. But cloud storage software offers businesses more flexibility than ever before when it comes to where and how they store data. One cloud computing company whose services stand out above the rest is Amazon Web Services. 


Amazon Web Services is one of the largest cloud storage providers in the industry. Since its start in 2008, Amazon Web Services has functioned as the leader in the cloud computing ecosystem. Competitors such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform still run far behind AWS. 


If your company is thinking about transitioning to a cloud computing platform, it might want to look into Amazon Web Services. In our latest blog post, we’ll be reviewing everything you need to know about AWS, including:

  • Basic product offerings
  • Top clients
  • How AWS can help your company


Read on to learn more about Amazon Web Services and its sophisticated cloud computing capabilities now!

A Brief Overview of Amazon Web Services

Let’s start by taking a look at Amazon Web Services and their most popular products.

Since its start in 2008, Amazon Web Services has expanded past its initial cloud computing and storage capabilities. Image courtesy of Canva.


So, what does Amazon Web Services do exactly? This powerful cloud computing platform offers over 175 off-site data storage and security solutions for companies of all sizes. Companies can store everything from customer information to website information in a secure and scalable cloud. 


Amazon Web Services also makes it easy for companies to replace expensive IT storage infrastructures with scalable, low-cost variables. In an instant, businesses can start thousands of new servers using Amazon Web Services. 

Benefits of Using Amazon Web Services

Using its extensive catalog of products and services, companies can achieve a number of goals such as:

  • Cutting costs on data storage
  • Allowing outside vendors to securely host applications when needed
  • Scale up or down with AWS depending on changing needs
  • Implementing top-notch security


All of its services are designed to make your life as a manager or CEO easier.

Top Companies That Use Amazon Web Services

See Amazon Web Services in action through their partnerships with these prestigious companies.


Some of the largest companies in the world rely on Amazon Web Services. Image courtesy of Canva.


In order to gain a full grasp of Amazon Web Services’ capabilities, it might be helpful to look at some of its biggest partnerships. Some of the biggest companies in the world rely on Amazon Web Services for their storage needs, such as:

  • Netflix
  • Facebook
  • Citrix


Let’s take a deeper look at each of these company’s relationship with Amazon Web Services.


Netflix is one of the largest streaming companies in the world. According to the streamer, there were 167.1 million Netflix accounts registered around the world. With all that data, Netflix needed a secure and reliable hosting platform that could accommodate its unique needs. 


That’s why the streaming giant turned to Amazon Web Services. Netflix uses Amazon Web Services for all of its computing and storage needs. From video transcoding to data analytics, AWS plays a key role in Netflix’s operations.  


Facebook is another well-known client of Amazon Web Services. In 2013, Facebook used Amazon Web Services to move the Instagram app’s backend stack into its own data centers. Doing so made it easier for developers to manage large-scale deployments. 


Citrix and AWS have also partnered with each other. This partnership makes it possible for Citrix users to access the app from anywhere in the world and receive real-time help for any issues that arise. Citrix is also able to accelerate its business agility and reduce project risk thanks to its new partnership with AWS. 

Why Amazon Web Services Might Be a Great Fit For Your Company

Are you thinking about partnering with Amazon Web Services? Read this first.


Whether you are a new start-up or an established corporation, you can greatly benefit from using AWS Image courtesy of Canva.

Amazon Web Services is designed to accommodate companies of all sizes and varying needs. Even if you’re company isn’t a large corporation like Netflix or Facebook, it can still benefit from partnering with Amazon Web Services.


By moving your company’s data to a secure off-site cloud platform like Amazon Web services, you can cut down on costs and time typically spent managing your on-site storage platform and redirect it to growing and innovating your business. With its wide array of analytics and software solutions, Amazon Web Services can be leveraged to help your company expand and succeed like never before. 


To this day, Amazon Web Services continues to innovate and improve upon its original cloud computing services. As a result, the company enjoys a top spot as one of the best cloud storage providers in the world. Are you thinking about switching to Amazon Web Services? Tell us your thoughts below!


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