How to Tailor Your Content Strategy for Social Media

Content Marketing Strategy For Social Media

Every web marketer knows that social media is an integral part to a successful online marketing plan. But building a content strategy for your website and integrating social media into it isn’t as simple as it might sound. Publishing informative blog posts and creating superb landing page copy are a big step forward for those who are just starting out online. Only once you’ve begun to actually create content on your website can you in turn share it on key social media networks to gain traction, so if you’re already producing content for the web, you’re off to a great start.

Here’s where it gets tricky. For your web content to see the light of day, i.e. for your social media marketing to be worth the effort you put into it, you’ll need a dedicated content strategy for each individual social network you intend to use to promote your site.

Gone are the days when marketers were successful sharing the same exact update across a multitude of platforms. If that ever worked in the past, it certainly doesn’t work in 2015. In fact, sharing the same exact words in an update across multiple platforms will give your brand or website a poor reputation in the eyes of any customers (or potential customers) that see it.

If there’s one thing we modern online marketers know for sure, it’s that to be successful on the web in our current landscape, you’ve got to do one very important thing: always be unique.

Social Content at Its Best

It’s common knowledge that every social media network is different, and they all have their fortes and pitfalls, each one excelling in some areas where others may be lacking. But to be successful on any social media site, you must have a specific strategy mapped out for that individual tool.

It helps to think of social media as a genre while thinking of individual networks as more specific types. For example: you wouldn’t group all comedy films under the same type of film, would you? A dark comedy is much different than a romantic comedy, and a comedy documentary stands out from a spoof film any day of the week.

You should take a similar stance when developing a social media strategy. Essentially, you need an individual content strategy for each different type of social network you intend to pursue.

See below for tips on tailoring your content strategy to four of the biggest social media sites.

  1. Facebook is often thought of as the king of social media for a couple of reasons. First off, they have the most users of any social network by far, and second, they were the first of their kind to emerge and gain widespread usage. So, if you’re not sure where you want to go with your social media content, Facebook is a good place to start

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