Tai Chi – A Fulfilling Hobby

Tai Chi Practice Lina Wang

Tai Chi Practice

One of my hobbies is Tai Chi. I began at a pretty young age, and nurtured the hobby throughout my teens and my modelling years. I have used it for self-defense on a few occasions – for me and for my friends – all those years of self-discipline and focus have helped me in my various endeavors throughout life.

Tai Chi is the Chinese form of martial arts that unites the concepts of physical self-defence and the power of your mind. It is an art form, for me and for many, has several physical and mental benefits and maintains balance and focus. At the outset with a steady pace, the slow and controlled movements are created to convey the powerful physical and mental skills of the proponent and also to stimulate the flow of energy within the body. The slow, trance-like pace involved in Tai Chi also helps to develop balance, coordination of breath and movement, concentration and relaxation – this teaches you how to move easily without tension in order that your mind and body can function smoothly. With a three pronged approach to the art including proper postures, self defense exercises and great co-ordination of your breathing, it becomes a lethal weapon for self-defense too.

Tai Chi requires flexibility and control – two important things – and I had to put in long hours to practice it in order to master its finer nuances. It is important that every single movement and posture gives one an insight into the inner strength that one possesses. No wonder the kids at school

Lina Wang

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