8 Social Media Tools to Boost your Digital Marketing

Social Media Tools to Boost your Digital Marketing

8 Social Media Tools to Boost your Digital Marketing

In the contemporary era, social media platforms play a dominant role in creating brand awareness, building long-term relationships, and regulating growth of an organization. Creating a social media marketing plan on a piece of paper, and then not implementing it effectively won’t take you anywhere in the race. To ensure that your digital marketing efforts bear delicious fruits, and help your business expand globally, we’ve identified the following social media tools which you can rely on:

  1. Inkybee

To make your digital marketing agenda a big hit, it’s more of a necessity to find influencers matching your niche. Inkybee enables you explore the best bloggers in your area of expertise, connect with them, and develop a professional relationship. Once you become victorious in proving your worthy talent before these ideal bloggers, they won’t mind sharing your outstanding work with their current followers. How cool is that! Just search for the blogs related to your keyword, and add selected ones to the list. The selection, thus made, will guide you later in targeting every influencer in a strategic manner.

  1. Post Planner

Post Planner is an efficacious tool for the marketers who wish to drive traffic to their websites solely via Facebook. With Post Planner, you are free to pre-schedule your task, and manage it in great quantum. Targeting your desired audience, posting fresh content from an RSS feed automatically, and knowing about the trending content on Facebook becomes easier with this magic tool.

  1. Buzzsumo

Have you ever fallen short of ideas? Do you find it tough to compete and beat your competition? If yes, then Buzzsumo is going to be your big-time savior. It helps you in knowing the strengths of your competitors. Just type their domain name in the search box, and you’ll come across the lists of their hot topics, organized on the basis of total shares on several social media platforms. By just seeing the top 6 results of your competitors, you’ll get a quick idea of what kind of content needs to be created for grabbing your readers’ attention. Apart from this, you can enter your keywords in a search box, and share the resulting popular content.

  1. Edgar

There can be situations when you don’t get as many views, and shares for a post that was shockingly brilliant. Want to re-share it, but stuck with the issue of re-using your old content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Worry no more, as Edgar is here to enable you in classifying

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