Poker In Macau

Playing Poker In Lisboa, Macau

Grand Lisboa, Macau

Well, it was a wild six nights of Poker in Macau this time, playing poker and catching up with old friends. I’m not talking about the Macau Poker Cup, but a string of ring games I played, sometimes back to back. In this short span, I ended up winning over 390k Macau money and the “perks” that go along with playing live poker: like being asked out on a date at least seven times and being proposed by a crazy Vietnamese who dropped nearly 50k in my kitty in one crazy hour of heads up. Lustily cheered on by a wonderful crowd, he drops 50k and then gets down on his knee and proposes to me. Wow! That’s a first!

A crazy night out with Bryan and Mike and a few regulars at Lisboa was the highlight of one evening, and after hours of singing and dancing, we ended up back at the Lisboa and you guessed it: poker! I beat Bryan in an hour’s worth of heads up and took home 100k more off him and Mike that night, and the gracious and chivalrous men that they are, they bought me champagne after that memorable loss. I made about half a million worth in the first three nights and it was like there was no looking back. And then the fourth night when I played blinds worth 0-00 and nearly crashed out on my winnings for the previous three nights. Towards the end of the fourth night, I was up about 150k, having lost over 350k on the fourth night.

Macau Streets

Macau Streets

I decided to take a break on the fifth night and went visiting good food joints. My friends

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