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Poker in Hong Kong is not the same as poker in America or Europe. It takes you quite a while to figure out where to play if you are a newcomer to the city, and if you can find time from the shopping, the sites, the food, the massages and the night life, and still miss your favorite game, you can go and catch up with poker in Hong Kong at a few really cool places that I’d love to share with you today.

Usually I’m so tired everyday that I get straight from work to home at anywhere between 10 p.m to 2 a.m. and crash anywhere I please. And whenever I get a night out to let my hair loose? Well, among the two things I am passionate about and usually how I spend my evenings: poker and/or karaoke. Hey, I love karaoke. Not the smallish, stinking seedy bars that are a backdrop of quite a few nooks and alleys, but those that have good ambience, great music selection and exceptionally good service. When I’m in China, I spend one night in a week at least in karaoke bars with my buddies or colleagues, singing the night away with loud music and some idiotic dancing. It’s fun.

Karaoke In Hong Kong

A Typical Karaoke Night in HK

When I am in Hong Kong, I prefer to go once a week to catch up on a poker game or two. Nowadays, it’s mostly with friends at my home or their homes or the sports club I’m a member of. Earlier on, I used to frequent a few great hotspots for poker in Hong Kong. The foremost among them is the Joe Hachem endorsed Hong Kong Poker House. Poker in Hong Kong is rather quite new and has picked up only recently with folks like Celina Lin endorsing global brands and Phil Lau winning the Macau APT back-to-back. You can get an idea from this: HKPH, as we call it, gets a quota of about 175-250 players a week. HKPH ambience is contemporary yet intimate and you will like it.
Here’s where it’s at: 1/F, 49 Hollywood Road, Central, Call: 2850 8833

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