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History isn’t quite clear on this for lack of indisputable evidence, but it is more likely than not that ever since sports first originated in simple contests of strength and/ or skill, somebody placed a wager on who the winner would be. And that’s how sports betting probably originated.

If that sounds too simple, ask yourself: ‘Why Not?’ After all, if you aren’t in it, what better way is there to feel connected to a sporting contest than to successfully predict the outcome? Maybe there wasn’t anything on stake to begin with, except perhaps bragging rights, but we don’t really know that; maybe the real fun, even to begin with, was in making the other guy pay up that extra sack of rice. Yes, we’re pretty sure punters have been laying bets on fistfights and dog races and what not even before mankind had managed to invent money.

Now that we have established the hallowed origins that the practice of sports wagering enjoys, let’s skip ahead to the current day and age, regrettable as it may be to refrain from commenting on the rich history of this popular pastime over the ages and across the world.

Today, betting on sports is a complicated business. In all fairness, sports have changed a lot too. From being, at the turn of the 20th Century, something that the rich did for amusement and the poor did for entertainment, sports today is an industry with some of the most unforgiving professional standards there are.

Similarly, betting on sports, in jurisdictions where the law permits it, has moved beyond simple wagers over winners and losers. If you are looking to place bets that win you some moolah, you have to be properly armed with all the tips, tricks and tools of the trade.

Know Your Teams/ Players

When betting one’s valuable money on sports, the bettor must go through information on the past and present goings-on in and around the teams, know teams starting lineups, injuries, and weather situations. The most important factor here is the teams’ track record. Another important aspect is the form of the current players. Judge the importance of an injured player and the quality of his substitute. Bear in mind that second-string players are often highly qualified and are very highly motivated when replacing a starter: it’s a ‘now or never’ scenario for them! So it often pays to bet on a team missing its best player. One must not overlook the importance of current coach of the team and his track record either. The number of key players or superstars in the team also plays a vital role in choosing a team to bet on.

In individual sports too, it helps to keep track of the latest news on the players. Has a particular ‘great’ been off-color lately? Has there been an injury that may still be nagging him or her? Perhaps his mental health is suspect, given a recent scandal that erupted? These factors should help you ascertain if a particular player is presently worth backing or not.

Avoid going on a tilt

Losing streaks do happen, it is almost inevitable. The mistake most inexperienced bettors make here is betting larger and larger amounts in an attempt to cover up their losses. What is needed here is patience and a reduction in betting amounts till the winning streak begins to show. Once the winning starts, bets could be increased gradually but one must keep in mind that winning streaks too, have to end sometime.

Avoid Biased or Emotional Betting

A lot of people get into sports betting as just another way of supporting

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