New Age Advertising

Victoria's Secret Ad

Victoria’s Secret Ad

It’s a new age of advertising. A big, big world and everyday more and more brands and products are shouting out loud to be heard. In today’s hyper busy and fast moving age, we see more brands making efforts to capture our attention and imagination. From the old days of Bill Bernbach, advertising has come a long way. Growing technology has made us less patient, with us expecting to be served instantly for all our consumerist needs. Need a new cell phone? Just log in, browse, select and place an order. Your cell phone will be in your hand in no time. Though print media and television ads are still driving in traffic, there has been a monumental shift in the emphasis on the advertising media. Today Digital Marketing is the new keyword with the brand’s online presence giving a 360 degree spin to its advertising. Biometrics and better understanding of the consumer’s mind have led to more immersive and personal ad making. With capturing and sharing of information becoming easier, photos, videos and catchy text is the new lingo. New marketing strategies revolve around QR Code, co-branding, content marketing and online advertising.

Let’s have a look at the trends in new age advertising that have made their presence felt in a big way:

Content Marketing –

Content marketing is a term that began gaining popularity around 2003 with the birth of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Content marketing includes advertorials (newspaper or magazine articles that are written editorially to promote your product), blogs or any other kind of content that is published on the web for promotional purposes. When you need to tell the brand story, content marketing works as an excellent tool to create awareness. With the rise of social media, content marketing has fueled relations between consumers and brands with the emergence of a new advertising vehicle. Small businesses can benefit from the power of content marketing by publishing advertorials or hosting a blog on their Web site.

Cristiano Ronaldo KFC Ad

Cristiano Ronaldo KFC Ad

QR Code –

A QR code, or a “quick response” code, is a two-dimensional symbol akin to the UPC (Universal Product Code, or “bar code”). When a customer scans the QR Code, it starts a digital action. The reader can pull additional information about the product through this action making the promotion of the brand more interactive. When scanned by a smartphone, a QR code can initiate several actions, such as opening a website, making a phone call or sending an SMS message.

QR Code Sample

QR Code Sample

Co-branding –

Co-branding is a joint effort that blends the advertising of two or more brands to create a new product. Recent examples of co-branding include Isaac Mizrahi and Target, Crest Plus Scope, Ford F150 trucks and Harley Davidson motorcycles, and Apple and Nike. In this way various brands can work together to create better awareness about the newly launched product.

Co-branding - Virgin and Mastercard

Co-branding – Virgin and Mastercard

Online Advertising –

With the advent for fast smart phones and tabs, the user has the entire world at his fingertips. These gadget users can use the internet for many things including a search for businesses and brands. Creating online ads for brands using tools like Google Adwords has caught on in a huge way. AdWords is a Google product that allows small businesses to create online advertisements with keyword and budget parameters to target their primary customers. SEO (search engine optimization – the process of using keywords to get a website to rank higher in results as opposed to using AdWords), social media, web banners and display ads are other ways of strengthening the online presence of a brand. Haven’t you experienced the trend of your personal facebook newsfeed flooded with posts from various brands and services? Facebook is the most essential vehicle of advertising today. If you are not on it, you are just not there. It’s rare to find services which touch 1.2 billion people a day, so you need to be there if you want to stay in front of people. Some of these

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