Mobile Commerce and Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing and mobile commerce

According to the latest predictions, mobile marketing will hog the limelight in the coming years as far as the field of digital marketing is concerned. This is primarily because more and more companies are realizing that there is a lot of potential in this particular arena. With the passage of time, the attention has slowly shifted from the computer to the mobile phone. Mobile commerce or m-commerce services are nothing but buying and selling of products and services through mobile phones. They make use of the wireless application provider sites to reach out to their audience.

Now, as far as mobile marketing is concerned, it includes the ability to zero down on a particular group of consumers. They could belong to a particular age group, geographical region as well as educational background. This specific medium of targeting the customers is extremely beneficial in this age of smart phones. If you are the owner of a business, you have to look for subtle ways in which you can promote your company. If you follow the method of texting, you will reap the benefits of viral marketing as the recipients of the messages usually forward them in case they are offer or discount coupons. It saves you a lot of time as well as money because you do not need to create a promotional message and the text can be sent to a large number of consumers in a matter of minutes.

A fact that has been established from a latest research is that, the paper coupons have taken a beating from their mobile counterparts as far as the redemption rates are concerned. For the mobile coupons, the redemption rates are more than 50% whereas for the paper coupons, it hardly touches the 2% mark. This explains why mobile coupons have become so popular these days amongst the retailers as well as the advertisers.

M-commerce has been able to successfully overtake e-commerce by enabling the users to break away the limitations imposed by wired means of communication. Thanks to these technological advancements, m-commerce services have been picked as the preferred form of transaction.

As far as the buyers are concerned, they can now purchase goods online even if they do not have access to a computer. Be it a hotel booking or a purchasing a movie ticket, it can be done in a matter of minutes through the hand-held device called the mobile phone.

In case you are the owner of a business, with the help of m-commerce services you can carry on with the transactions while you are on the move. You do not have to carry a heavy laptop along for such purposes anymore.

Mobile marketing can refer to two things: mobile advertising as in travelling or in constant motion of promotion like road shows and billboards, and the current one, mobile marketing SMS as in the use of mobile to build the customers.

Mobile has twisted out to be a useful tool of advertisement with judicious of Short Message Service (SMS).Even though advertisers still desire the conventional means of advertising their products and services but the method of mobile marketing is becoming more accepted nowadays and is also generating more revenues.
The very first definition is significantly categorized to the conventional medium of marketing, wherein a product or a service has to be advertised to an exact intention market or to a particular type of the populace, for instance, regular commuters or bystanders. This type of approach is pretty detailed in its choice as well as can be expensive. The mobile marketing SMS on the other hand is a rather fashionable and one of the latest methods of marketing that uses man’s handiest device, the cell phone so to promote or advertise a particular service or products. It uses short codes assigned by mobile operators to all advertisers, and for these short codes can be collective by several small-time companies-it becomes cute cheaper.

Mobile phone advertising has turn out to be really very popular with rise of SMS since early 2000. There are many types of mobile marketing. There is mobile marketing by MMS, Bluetooth, and Infrared, proximity systems, In-game marketing and web marketing. Mobile marketing SMS however is the most genuine and one of the most well-liked options for advertisers given that the big customer market in Europe, America and Asia owns more cellular phones than TV or radio. In Europe itself, more than 100 million of SMS publicity is sent each month. According to mobile statistics for the year 2009, about 2.1 billion of cell phone owners subscribe to SMS text messaging and 55% remark they use their handsets for business purposes.

Under short code, SMS advertising can also be sent to e-mail, and to social networking sites, therefore increasing their fame and multiplying the number of their receivers.

Almost all brand name companies as well gather reviews and reports from buyers and consumers through cellular phones, building it as one of the easiest method for the exchange of information amongst companies and its customers. Unlike with e-mail marketing, which by design brand the advertisements and endorsement as “spam,” SMS advertising now has been more regularized and uniform, Transfer only data and updates to those who have willingly disclosed their personal information to the company, thus modifiable complaints from people who do not like to have unwelcome and suspect promotional post in their cellular phones. According to statistics, 65% of e-mail is considered as spam, whilst 10% of SMS are branded as spam.

At present, about one third of all mobile phone users use mobile phones that can allow them entrance to the internet, and it’s expected to get superior in a year or so. There are also millions of persons each day charming in online chat through skype for instance who have 20 million of users each night and facebook who has approximately 1 billion plus of active members. Due to smartphones, the users are now enabled to access and to link to these sites via their cell phones. In reality, mobile marketing SMS is among one of the best choices for those who want to enhance their sales.

With the arrival of mobile commerce, buying, selling as well as promotion of products and services has indeed evolved for the better. More and more people therefore are using this particular means to fulfill their marketing as well as sales requirements.

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