How to Market Your Ecommerce Site on Pinterest

How to Market Your Ecommerce Site on Pinterest

Rightfully called the world’s inspiration board, Pinterest is a beautiful virtual world of images, videos, and other useful content you can bookmark wherever whenever. This online platform provides a rich visual experience to its users and when used right, it has the ability to woo customers to your traffic your e-Commerce site. Here’s how to market your Ecommerce site on Pinterest and to make it work in favor of your e-Commerce business.

  1. Make Optimum Use of Rich Pins

The first step obviously being setting up a Pinterest account and incorporating “Pin it” buttons to all the images on your website. Once done, pin away! However, make sure your pins are rich in the information they provide. Adding the price, as well as the stock availability of a product on Pinterest can add value to your sales. Prospective buyers who have re-pinned their desired product will instantly get a notification about it, for instance, when you lower its price in the future.


  1. Get a hang of ‘Smart Boards’

Smart Boards are generally built to categorize and organize several themed products in an efficacious manner. Once you’ve allotted different themes to different boards on Pinterest, it will help your customers find precise information about a particular product without having to hunt for it.


  1. Make your e-Commerce site mobile-friendly

In other words, make your website responsive, so that it loads well on mobiles and tablets. We’ve stepped into an era where people are making purchases through their smart phones and mobile devices on the go, so it’s important your website opens up well on these devices. Everyone loves a seamless, hassle-free shopping experience and making your website responsive only ensures you of a reduced bounce-rate. Besides, the longer a person spends on your website, the greater the chances of him/her actually going through with a purchase.


  1. Pace up your game with GIFs

When you’re not that thrilled to use long videos, or one-time images to tell your product’s story, try using these innovative animated GIFs. It’s an interesting way to display some of your best products in a matter of seconds to some of your prospective customers. Besides, who doesn’t love GIFs?  They are amusing and entertaining and just about everyone loves them, so why not make them work for you to drive business as well?


  1. Consistency is the Key

Every successful marketing strategy requires consistency and that rings true for your Pinterest strategy as well. You need to be a frequent pinner, if you want to be noticed by your target audience. We’re talking pining at least 25-30 times a day on average consistently.

  1. Conduct Exciting Contests on Pinterest

If interaction is where your business is falling short. It might be a smart idea to find a way to remedy it through Pinterest. People love contests. It’s a great way to get people to notice you, especially when you have something exciting to give away. There are tons of ideas you can work with and if you use hashtags wisely, you’re almost guaranteed eyeballs in no time. Promote contests regularly and you’ll almost certainly have your customers wait for the next time you announce a contest with baited breath. Word of advice: if you’re completely new to this ‘contest’ strategy, it’s recommended to go through the Pinterest’s terms and conditions once before starting off.


  1. Create Appealing Content

The whole point about Pinterest was to make it a virtual inspiration board for its users. Therefore, staying true to its purpose, your aim, through all your content, should be to inspire. People are most likely to share content that’s appealing and so it becomes key for you to make sure you upload high quality, clear and relevant images to your Pin boards. Placing images, videos, and GIFs on the right boards is only half the battle won and won’t help a great deal, until the very content you create interests your customers and is worthy of being shared. Create short descriptions for each image, between 250 and 350 characters. Select image tones that are lighter and clearer shades instead of dark and vaguer.


The great thing about Pinterest is that just about anything can go viral on it! That said, it’s usually always the clearer, well-described pictures that end up doing the rounds. When marketing your e-Commerce site on Pinterest, you want to make sure it makes sense, adds value to your customers and is genuinely interesting. Building connections with well-known bloggers and other e-Commerce businesses opens up the opportunity to draw in a wider audience simply because of your wider reach.

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