Healthy Social Media Habits All Companies Should Adopt

Social Media Habits

Social media has changed the face of marketing, but with Facebook dating back just 12 years, it’s a relatively new phenomena and one that’s in a constant state of flux. Algorithms are altered; advice changes; and opinions on best practice vary so drastically that it can be tough to keep up with the times. One thing that all companies can agree on is that social media marketing is a crucial way to grow and engage your audience, so I’ve put together a hit list of habits that you should adopt to keep your company social media pages at the top of their game.


  1. Be on Top of Trends…


Remember the days when market research meant focus groups and street surveys? Today the rise of the hashtag means that you don’t need to try and wrangle consumers while they’re out shopping in order to get their opinion – you can see what they’re talking about with a quick glance at your computer screen.

Make sure you’re regularly looking at what’s trending on Facebook and Twitter – and remember to set the country preferences in-keeping with your market. Not only does this help you stay relevant and adapt with the ever-changing times, it’s also a great place to seek out inspiration for new advertising and product ideas.

Social Media Landscape and Trends

Social Media Landscape and Trends (Click to Enlarge)


  1. And Be Part Of Them


While you’re scrolling through those hashtags, think about ways you can incorporate them into your posts. The fact that they’re trending means they have a ready-made audience who are searching for those terms, so you have a potential wealth of customers at your fingertips.

Don’t feel limited to tags that are directly related to your product, either. Joining in with Twitter games (for example #UnexpectedFilmTwists), answering questions or coming up with jokes are a great way to convey your brand’s personality. Skyscanner has been a great example of this recently.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should adopt every trend you come across. Think about your audience and adapt accordingly; followers of your cooking blog probably don’t want to hear your opinion on #TrumpVsHillary, and clients of your finance consultancy firm are unlikely to be impressed by your insights on #Brangelina.

social media trends 2016

Some Social Media Trends 2016 (Click to Enlarge)


  1. Respond to Everything


Think of social media messages as the new customer service calls – except now your call records are open to the public. It’s more important than ever to demonstrate top-quality customer care and to inspire confidence in your brand.

One of the most

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  1. Facebook is my social media platform. It is very well known and you can definitely make a social network with it.

  2. Facebook and Twitter are the best known social media platforms. Nowadays you can do marketing online thanks to them. I myself is looking for a marketing network so that I can earn.

  3. Social media is making monry sure but policies should be friendly. They should be sensible and not just rake in the funds.

  4. Good advice, I just wish that people will be more responsible in using it, Not just for bashing.

  5. Following other companies is the best way to get into the heads of your competitors. I’ve been doing this practice ever since I’ve started my online shop business and so far I’ve learned a lot from my competitors and it had saved me from making the same mistakes that they’ve done.

  6. “One thing that all companies can agree on is that social media marketing is a crucial way to grow and engage your audience” What I think that, not only social media is for communication channel, but also, it might able to help you for business networking.

  7. “Not only can you coordinate all your different social media pages, you can schedule posts in advance” What I think that, social media let you post photos, and comments on the pages. As well, it is an medium of communication networking.

  8. Social media has changed the game for data gathering. It’s fast, up-to-date and ever-chaning. It’s hard to keep up, so I really suggest on getting a social media manager. It is a serious job because he/she is handling your social media presence. Startups and entrepreneurs should consider this.

  9. Social media has made consumers even more powerful. It’s one hell of a noisy marketplace, whichever platform you’re into. Yes, I agree that with social media, you get a snapshot of what a certain group of people are into. But beware, Facebook has been curating its trending topics according to its liking!

  10. These tips are very helpful, especially for start-ups, as these companies would want to spend their resources wisely. Being part of a core of a start-up company, I have learned that knowing your competitor is winning half the battle. With all the tools readily available online, it all boils down to consolidating information and using the ones that will benefit the growth of your people and the company in general.

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