Fall and Winter Fashion For Women

Fall and Winter Fashion.

Winter and Fall Fashion For Women

Winter and Fall Fashion For Women

Fall fashion.

As winter approaches, the weather starts getting chilly and your wardrobe needs a new look to catch up with the autumn season. Fashion is also about what you personally feel comfortable in. Fashion without comfort would be like a great book cover with blank pages inside. Hence I have a variety of suggestions for you. You pick what suits you the best. Instead of writing it in boring paragraph format, I decided to give this a clean bullet-points look.
Here are some of the runway influenced stylish tips for you to have that perfect look this fall.

  • Well a small little pom pom detail on your cap can make you look cool. From flats to beanies, try out various accessories with pom pom details on it. They give a warm feel and look real cheeky.
  • Crisp whites look stunning in autumn. Try pairing a white coat with jeans and heels for a polished look.
  • Try the loops – big, loopy knits can add real fun texture to your outfit. Wear an over sized sweater with figure hugging jeans to balance the proportions.
  • Love suits? Well, the power suit has got a face lift. Today’s suit is sleeker, cooler, and looks great with a casual white tee and boots.
  • The month of December is just right time to clad yourself in knits like a big sweater and over sized scarf. To add an extra dose of style, try mixing patterns within the same colour family.
  • A bit of sparkle on your dress looks amazing. Try adding sequins with casual separates like a loose tee or ripped jeans. That little touch of dazzle on your dress will make you stand out in a crowd.
  • Just like the collar bone, the back is the sexiest part of a woman’s body. If you have a great back, why not show it off a bit? For a sensuous night look, try pairing backless blouse with jeans.
  • Get wrapped like a present this season. Wear a fitted dress and top it up with a bow belt for a perfect festive look. This stylish look will make you look like a gift from heaven.
  • Bell bottoms are back in trend. Flaunt the 70’s look with flared pants paired with sleek, black turtleneck. Trust me; you won’t get it wrong with that look.
  • There is a touch of rock-n-roll in the inspiration for the gorgeous look this fall. Try wearing a man-style shirt that has a feminine flowy feel. Silk shirts will do just fine.
  • A stripped down cocoon coat with a funnel collar or no collar in a pale colour palette is a superb style statement.
  • Get that picture perfect look for this fall. Wear leather leggings or try a leather-front tee or sweater. Leather is the key word this fall but don’t worry as most of it is faux leather and won’t hurt the animal lover in you. Believe me; leather leggings with longer tops can look good on anybody.
  • One of the biggest trends for fall is the knitted sweater. It has made headlines on the runway and was seen in all shapes and forms. Although many knitted jumpers are spacious and oversized, you can opt for fitted versions too. Or wear a long tunic-like sweater over pants or as a dress. You cannot go wrong with knitwear this fall!
  • The right arch on your eyebrow is what is essential for the glamour quotient of your face. These days the trend is of an architectural shape in eyebrows just like the latest patterns in clothing. If you have naturally dark hair, your work is simple: Stop plucking and let your brows fill out a bit. If you have a fair complexion, or if you have sparse brows, you’ll need to do a little fill-in work.
  • Every season has its colour hero. With the fall’s obvious blacks, grays, and navy blues, pink is a much wanted break to your eyes. Bright pink or a subtle shade of it – you pick your hue for your lipstick and dresses too.
  • For the more romantic ones, wear prints and designs that exude a bohemian vibe.
  • This season you can revamp your style with the 60’s fashion. Say ‘yes’ to glitzy embellishments, short hemlines, dusted-off pastels and body-hugging silhouettes. For a dandier look of the ’60s, stick to basic turtlenecks, wool blazers, high-waisted trousers and black leather ankle boots.
  • Moto pants and moto jackets are still driving our engine. Try on a moto sweater since they are a great blend of metal hardware and the racing vibe with a soft feeling of a chunky knit.
  • Asymmetrical seams are the highlight of the season. Seams that are set at angles are feminine and enchanting. With offset seams, the look is just stunning! Zippers that run at an angle are also cool.
  • Here is something that you can wear with all of the above and that is a bad-ass shoo tie in pitch black. Ankle length, high heeled leather footwear with cut outs and metal details are just right with pieced leggings or pink.
  • Get sporty. Focus on swingy leather skirt and high-waisted jackets accentuated with zippers, rivets, and leather trims. Keep the looks cool and functional by mixing the more casual with the more formal of the ’60s inspired garments.
  • Like the folk look? Romantic and soft, the silhouettes inspired by the Italian Pop art from the 1960s are the ones making the folk influences hard to ignore. Recreate the style of the yesteryears with graphic prints, shirt-collar dresses, embroidered tulle gowns, bibbed blouses and patterned midi skirts. Longer skirts are in vogue and have hit the mainstream everywhere. Try skirts that are A-shaped and go over the knees or you can wear stretchy knee length skirts too.
Fall Fashion For Women

Fall Fashion For Women

Winter fashion

We all want to look our best in all seasons. And the same

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