6 Content Marketing Growth Hacks to Drive Traffic and Conversions

Content Marketing Growth Hacks

6 Content Marketing Growth Hacks to Drive Traffic and Conversions:

Many companies now are beginning to spend big amounts of their resources just for marketing their content. The two notable marketing strategies that are being used today are content marketing and growth hacking. These two marketing strategies are unstoppable when combined because it can really deliver positive business growth result in a short period of time. If you are able to apply these two methodologies in your marketing strategy, then you already know the secret formula and it is called content hacking.

First, let me differentiate these two marketing strategies:

Content Marketing is the idealistic marketing approach of creating and distributing consistent valuable content to attract your target audience and to drive potentially profitable clients to your website.

Growth Hacking was coined by Sean Ellis, a startup marketer. Growth hacking helps grow your business in a short amount of time. This strategy is beneficial for those who just started marketing their business.

6 Content Marketing Growth Hacks:


  1. Make Attractive Headlines

make attractive headlines

We often underestimate the power of making a good and more engaging headline. Headlines serve as the door to our soul, which happens to be our content. Let me give you an example to help you understand better.

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of the rain in the middle of nowhere. Then, you see two houses. The first one looks old and creepy. The handle of the door is rusted and seems like nobody opened it for more than a decade while the other house looks new and colorful and you easily get attracted to it. So, which one would you knock first? See? Headlines serve as a passageway to what you are promoting.

Here’re a few tips on how to create a more engaging headline:

  • Do not give everything through your headline. Give your readers a tease on what your content is all about.
  • Use numbers. It is proven to attract readers especially when you’re using odd numbers.


  1. Guest Blogging

guest blogging

Guest blogging simply means posting your written article on someone else’s website. This is an effective way content marketing growth hacks.

Benefits of Guest Blogging:

  • Helpful in interacting and attracting new readers of from that website.
  • Bloggers are able to build relationships with each other.
  • It is a good way to grow subscribers on social media and mailing lists.
  • It is also good for search engines


  1. Level up Your Content

 Level up your content

Your content serves as the heart of your work. Yes, there are ways or strategies on how to increase traffic to your site but your content is the main reason if your online audience will keep visiting your site. In other words, you need to:

  1. Establish your reputation and have a better engagement.
  2. Build content that speaks to what your website is all about.
  3. Your content must be a source of value for those who are also interested in the same field as yours and make sure it can be used as a reference at all times.

In order to have content that can drive traffic to your site, you need to make an effective content strategy.

Please consider these steps in making a content strategy:

  • Planning – This is the most obvious thing to do when making a strategy and this is the most vital part because it can lead to your failure or success.
  • Build an Audience – This is the key to your online success. When making content you need to create the exact type of content that corresponds to your target audience.
  • Use Different Platforms – Right now, there are so many platforms existing that can contribute to promoting your content.
  • Use of Infographics – Using infographics is essential in building a content strategy because this is where you can measure your growth.
  1. Longer Word Count

Longer Word Count

Who said word count doesn’t matter? Well, folks, let me tell you, it does matter. The more words your content has, the bigger the chance of powerful keyword potential. There is less than 25% of content received that has significant shares or traction. There’s a chance the longer the word count can promote deeper engagement. Remember this, 80% of your visitors only read the headlines and the remaining 20% read the full content. Popularly, it is accepted that the normal word count for a blog post is 2,000 words or higher.

Here, let me show you the number of words and its equivalent shares:

  • <1,000 words = 3.47 shares
  • 1,000 – 2,000 words = 6.92 shares
  • >3,000 words = 11.07 shares

I’m sure you now know the more words you have, the more traction or shares you got!


  1. Use of SEO Keywords

Use SEO Keywords

First, let’s define what is SEO? Of course, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the reason why you are getting traffic from search results on search engines.

But, why is it important?  Well, let me give you a scenario for that. Everybody who sits in front of their computers uses search engines like Google and Yahoo to look for answers or tips for their own problems and when your website appears at the top or lets’s say at the first page of Google or Yahoo, your website will be the first one to get noticed by users and they will eventually visit your site. This, my friend can enhance the performance of your website or blog and can increase traffic!

Where to get possible SEO keywords to use in your content? You can use these two tools to check your keywords search volumes:


Semrush SEO Tool 


Buzzsumo Keyword Search volume tool


Use some of these tips in order for you to know how to manage SEO keywords:

    • Use your keywords in your content title.
    • When making a post, scatter some keywords in your content but not too much. Four to six keywords per post will do.
    • Keyword links have more weight with Google.
    • Add keywords in image Alt-tags
    • Remove keywords that are no longer relevant to your site.
    • For businesses, using your keywords with your buyer’s habits can produce a positive

6. Use Social Media When Promoting Your Content

 Social Media for Promoting Articles

Who doesn’t use social media these days? Billions of people in the world use social media for communication, entertainments, and for businesses. 80% of marketers uses social media to promote their content. With this large amount of users, it is not impossible to get traffic to your site. If you know how to use social media well to promote your content or brand, then you just reach the end of the rainbow!


Few tips to help you use social media wisely:

  • Use the Power of Visuals – If you are an avid social media user, you’ll know that many users check posts that have attractive images or videos attached.
  • Plan When to Share Your Content – Share your content when many users are active and online. Make a schedule for your tweets or status for Facebook.
  • Use Poll Questions – Ask you followers about things that they are interested in. This can lead to better engagement.
  • Host Giveaways or Competitions – This can lead to more followers and great engagement for your account.

These are the 6 Content Marketing Growth Hacks I wanted to share with you. Hope this helps you in understanding how content marketing and growth hacking works.

Lina Wang

Lina Wang is CEO of Atlantis Global, a US company that specializes in Ecommerce, Gaming and Venture Funding. She is popularly known among her circle as "The Poker Princess" and juggles her ecommerce, gaming business, marketing consultancy and family life with a passion for startups. Considered among the Top 30 Content Marketing Strategists globally, she also edits a popular Women’s Poker Magazine. Whether it is startup funding, developing cutting edge ecommerce platforms or even a friendly bit of poker strategy advice, she can be reached at lina@linawang.org