4 Ways to Increase Your Ecommerce Business Sales

How to Increase Your Ecommerce Business Sales

You have an ecommerce business but sales are not quite what you expected. Maybe you got off to an excellent start within the first few months of launching your business, but soon, your ecommerce business sales began dwindling after the initial excitement died off.

How can you keep your current customers coming back for more purchases and entice new customers to buy from your ecommerce business? The answer does not always fall with the most obvious choice of spending money to advertise.

Many things you can do to increase your ecommerce business sales are absolutely free or fairly low-cost and can be done with a few clicks of your computer mouse. These four strategies will help you convince your current customers to keep purchasing and will help pull new customers in to increase your ecommerce business sales.

Remind Customers to Purchase Items in Their Carts

One of the easiest ways to lose out on ecommerce business sales is to not follow up with your customers who put items in their shopping carts and leave them there without checking out. They could be waiting until a discount becomes available for their purchases or they could have decided that their total was too much money. Or, they simply could have forgotten to finish their purchase.

Regardless of the reason, you have several options to pull your customers back in and remind them to purchase the items in their shopping carts. First, take the easy approach and send a follow-up e-mail. This can be a simple e-mail reminder to your customer that he has unpurchased items in his cart and offer for him to return today to complete his purchase.

You could also offer a discount to entice your customer to return to pay for the items in his abandoned cart. 67.45% of online shopping carts remain unpurchased by online shoppers, so convincing your customers to return by using an exclusive discount is an excellent way to increase your sales and keep your customers satisfied.

Additionally, let your customers know that their items will be held in their shopping carts for at least a few weeks. This lets your customer window-shop, pick out some interesting items, and consider their possible purchase before actually making it. After their cart remains untouched for a few days, consider sending an e-mail reminder to your customers to let them know their items are still available and waiting patiently for them to return and make a purchase.

Master Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become all the rage in its aid of ecommerce business sales, and once you master it successfully, you will clearly understand why. Affiliate marketing takes most of the work of advertising off of you, yet has the ability to drive massive traffic to your online business. Those who market your products or services receive compensation from you and, in exchange, you receive a boost in sales. It really is a win-win marketing model.

First, you need to determine how much money you are willing to pay people to promote your products or services to drive sales. Usually, this is a percentage of the sale, but it can also be a fixed amount per sale of a specific product or service. If you are a startup company, you may only prefer to offer a low percentage per sale, like 3%. However, bigger businesses with pricier products or services might offer a $100 commission on a $500 item. It just depends on what you are willing to spend.

As you become more familiar with what affiliate marketing strategies work best for you, you can decide to up your commissions for your promoters. Make sure you advertise your affiliate program on your website and sign up for an affiliate marketing network, like ShareASale or Commission Junction.

Affiliate networks act as marketplaces for those seeking affiliate programs within their niche to promote those products. Many bloggers search for affiliate programs for companies that are of interest within their niche to promote their products and services to their readers. Your promoters will be able to track their commissions from your program through the network and you can track how well buy meridia sibutramine online each promoter performs.

Capitalize on Social Media Advertising

If you have an ecommerce business, it is in your best interest to take advantage of the free advertising social media provides. Sure, there are paid advertising options on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks, but if you learn the best effective strategies to reach followers on each network, you do not have to pay a dime.

Many ecommerce business owners can make the mistake of using social media to try to sell their products or services. Instead, you should focus on sharing interesting and informative content within your business niche to your followers. This can even mean promoting the content of your competitors.

This may seem counterintuitive to creating more ecommerce business sales for your company, but it is actually the best strategy you can use. When you share content your followers and fans are interested in, they will want to keep following you. They will view you as an expert in the industry, share your content, and in turn, convince their friends and family to follow you, too.

How does this translate into sales? The more fans and followers you have who are actively engaged in your interesting and consistent content, the more potential customers you have. Gaining a solid social media following is the first step in building your social media networks to create a solid foundation for business growth and increased ecommerce business sales.

Remember to actively engage with your followers by thanking them for sharing your content, answering any questions they have posed through your social media channels, and recognizing them for their regular interactions. Consider hosting live videos on Facebook or Twitter parties to further encourage interaction from your followers and fans.

Offer Excellent Benefits to Build Your E-mail List

Building an e-mail list is one of the single, most important ways you can drive traffic to your ecommerce business and increase sales. People usually check e-mail at least daily, often several times a day. When you send out regular e-mails to your subscribers to give them helpful information, offer discounts, or advertise new products or services, you are grabbing their attention and increasing your possible sales.

But how can you build your e-mail list so your e-mails are not wasted on a low number of subscribers? And how can you get your subscribers to remain on your list?

Building an e-mail list is all about strategically capturing your customers’ e-mail addresses by enticing them to subscribe. One way you can do this is by offering an informative blog post about a subject within your business niche that people really want to know about. Offer your readers exclusive information in addition to the blog post – like extra helpful tips or an eBook – by subscribing and receiving the information through e-mail.

You can also consider providing a pop-up when someone arrives at your website. This pop-up can offer an exclusive discount code to new subscribers, like 25% off their first purchase from your website. Remember to let your customers know that they will also receive regular e-mails from you offering more exclusive benefits and discounts to subscribers so they will have a reason to remain on your list.

And making your subscribers want to keep receiving your e-mails? That is easy, as long as you continue to make regular, attention-grabbing e-mails that highlight your most popular or newest products and awesome discounts or promotions. Invite your subscribers to refer their friends to subscribe in exchange for even more discounts or rewards.


Increasing ecommerce business sales does not have to be expensive. You can use the power of the internet to pull in customers and remind them why they should continue to shop at your company.

Make your ecommerce business stand out in your social media networks, create compelling e-mail campaigns, master the art of affiliate marketing, and convince customers to purchase the items in their shopping carts by offering unbeatable discounts. Before you know it, your ecommerce business sales will increase at an incredible rate.

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