4 Tips to Optimize your LinkedIn Presence

Optimize your Likedin Presence

We cannot ignore the power of LinkedIn where every professional wants to be at the top of their game! When it comes to finding some great job opportunities, generating leads, strengthening your online presence or boosting your revenues, LinkedIn emerges to be an incredible social media platform. No matter what your professional objective is, you can nail it simply by following these 4 tips to Optimize your LinkedIn presence:

A Complete Profile looks more Promising

Your LinkedIn profile, being your strong identity, showcases the areas you excel in, the honors and awards you have collected for your work, certifications for showing off some extra achievements, helping you stand out of the ordinary herd, the skills you’ve acquired with your hard-work, your educational background and a lot more.

To make your LinkedIn profile look more promising than the rest, you may need to put some effort and time, and trust me, this is going to increase your buy generic meridia 15mg profile views, generate more leads for you and optimize your presence on this highly-professional social media platform.

First things first! Your profile picture represents you! Unlike Facebook and Twitter, uploading a pouty-selfie with friends, or a family photo won’t make your profile edgy at all. Instead, you need to look more formal, as your clients, employees and audiences will gain valuable insights based on your picture. Did you know a great profile photo increase your profile views by almost 14 times?

Just suit-up well, hire a professional photographer and get your best professional shot uploaded as a profile photo. Get endorsed for the skills you master and you’ll come in the list when a certain client/employer is searching for the same set of skills. Mention your achievements, skillset and honors in bullet points for attracting more recruiters/audience. Once your profile gets an ‘All Star’ rating, it’s the time to organize it on the basis of your USP.

Say, if you feel your ‘skills and endorsements’ column can take over your ‘honors and awards’ column, you can use ‘drag and drop’ feature and re-adjust the display accordingly. Don’t put your entire resume up there; be creative and run the gamut of being simple, honest and straight shooting from the hip. Make sure that you get testimonials from the colleagues you have worked with and clients that you have managed – this sort of solidly puts you across to whoever checks up on you. After all, you are a brand by and in yourself!

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Use Search Engine Optimization to Increase Your Reach

To boost your SEO analytics, you should include keywords/skills in your profile. However, over-stuffing your profile with lots of keywords is a big ‘NO’. If you feel confused regarding what keyword to use, then keep yourself in place of the employer/client. Just think of all relevant keywords/skill set with which you would have run a quick search for finding the desired candidate/vendor/services/products.

This mindset will help you to target keywords which will make your profile visible most of the times. Be it summary, professional tagline, skills or work experience, try including keywords wherever required. The more optimum use of keywords made, the more chances you get to improve your profile’s visibility.

Include as many presentations and articles on your profile and write good, eyeball-catching content on LinkedIn plus. Share your personal blog posts and your company blog posts to LinkedIn as well. That’s a win-win provided the content is useful and on trending topics and influential.


Create a Strong Network and Update Your Profile Regularly

Nowadays, it is all about networking. LinkedIn is not a place where you can just do random gossip with your friends or post ‘not-so-professional’ stuff. It demands professionalism, and your network/connections thereon define you. To be a pro, you should aim for adding premium connections to your network.

Though it’s easier to connect with your colleagues or friends on LinkedIn; but it becomes tricky to add accomplished people you don’t know personally. In such situations, you need to let them know how you came to know about them and if there is a mutual contact or friend between you two, just give his/her reference and you’re on the way to maximize your professional networking power.

Besides searching for the most influential people in your niche, you can step out, meet new people sharing similar interests on various conferences, social events, etc. and add them to your LinkedIn network. How cool is that! This won’t only enhance your knowledge about your particular field, but will also let you share your unique ideas and thoughts with others. Plus, you grow your network while getting professionally social with cool, inspirational personalities.


Join and Create LinkedIn Groups in Your Professional Niche or Domain

Apart from implementing the above optimization tips, I’ve joined some of the most viral and popular groups falling in my niche on LinkedIn. This gives tremendous results in improving your profile views and LinkedIn presence and clout in the long-run. You can join up to 50 groups here, and this gives you a medium to interact with beginners, as well as professionals. For quirky freelancers, it is recommended to add as many projects as possible and showcase what skills you’ve got.

Get recommendations, customize your LinkedIn URL, include general causes you care for and see your network growing like never before. Also, don’t forget to create a group yourself in that particular niche which is your own personal forte or your company’s and this will take you that extra mile towards LinkedIn glory. Do not forget to invite people to this group/groups via emails and post interesting super-content there so that you keep interest and expectation high.

Begin and encourage discussions on the groups that you have joined or on your own group/groups and do not forget to invite influencers to comment and discuss. I have a friend, Steve Hand from the Casino industry, who over a period of a dedicated few years has created several interesting LinkedIn groups within his industry that has thousands of members and arguably boasts of almost all the members of LinkedIn in his groups from within his industry. Great job, that!

All in all, these are a few cool tips to Optimize your LinkedIn presence; though, there are surely more insights and key elements that can contribute to making you a LinkedIn powerhouse personal brand.

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Lina Wang

Lina Wang is popularly known among her circle as “The Poker Princess” and shuttles between her head office in Macau, Hong Kong and her regional offices in various locations in Asia and Europe. She juggles her ecommerce and gaming business, marketing consultancy and family life with a passion for startups.


  1. Thank you so much for the tips. I’m going to follow your tips so that I can get a job in LinkedIn.

  2. I use linked in too but that user limit policy is killing me. I have to wait a whole month to be reinstated.

  3. I wish LinkedIn members would read this post. I’m a recruiter and it’s disappointing to see applicants with incomplete LinkedIn profiles. If they are serious in landing a good job, then they need to optimize their LinkedIn presence.

  4. A truly useful and professional tips about optimisation of ‘Linked In’ profile. I think everybody is, more or less following the tips explained but the way it has been explained is impressive and professional leaving no stone unturned.

  5. Great article! Social media is about networking, it’s about having your presence/influence reach as many people as possible. But with LinkedIn, you may want to reach the right kind of people: executives who can boost your profile, clients who can vouch for you, industry game players who can make things happen, etc.

  6. I’m not really savvy when it comes to social media but these tips are really helpful. I still have to familiarize myself with SEO. My LinkedIn profile is okay, I think, but I didn’t know about these groups and LinkedIn Plus. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for the tips, these are very helpful. LinkedIn is like your online resume, you should keep it professionally.

  8. She’s right, you should make sure your photo is professionally done. Join groups so that you can increase your chance of landing a job.

  9. It’s true, a lot of people do not invest enough time to “beef up” their LinkedIn profiles, so to speak. If you really want to land that dream job, you have to market yourself the best way possible, and that starts with having a solid profile, together with a presentable, professional-looking photo.

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