4 Inspiring Vision Statements That Built Iconic Brands

Brand Vision Statement

Here’s the thing about customer loyalty; you can’t buy it.

Do you ever wonder why you end up visiting the same store or fly in the same airline when there so many other options available. Think about the brand that you purchase time and again even though there are umpteen cheaper options in the market. And your favorite pasta place, or the cosy coffee shop next to the plaza?

Very often the reason that we tend to stick to or prefer one brand over another is because of their value. The best brands in the market will have a balanced combination of physical, emotional and logical elements and a connection with the customer.

If you are able to connect with your customers or even your own employees, you will see how their loyalty will remain for life. This, in turn will give you an opportunity to increase profits. However, building this connection is not an easy task, you have to find the perfect rhythm between discipline and freedom you provide to employees. The only companies that manage to get through are the ones that stick to their core values from day one and create a product that their customers as well as employees are proud to associate with.

This is why it is important to have a clear vision and mission statement. While the mission statement will highlight the ‘what’ and ‘who’ of a company, the vision will further add the ‘why’ and ‘how’. As the company grows, chances are that its objectives may change; then the vision statement can be revised or modified to reflect any recent updates.

Here are some super impressive brand vision statements from iconic brands:

1) Life is Good

The Life is Good brand is much more than just spreading optimism around the world. Their T-short slogans like “Seas The Day” and “Forecast: Mostly Sunny,” are some of my personal favorites.

While there are umpteen T-shirt companies in the world, Life is Good’s vision statement makes it stand out from the rest. Their statement and their values go beyond fun clothing. But will selling T-shirts spread optimism around the world? Well, the brand is linked to programs, supporting campaigns like their #GrowTheGood initiative and the Life is Good Kids Foundation page. I like the message that lots of such message-based brands spread, hence my own foray into personalized lifestyle; do take a look!

2) Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen’s mission is written in such a way, that they not only put out what they believe in but also something that will align with your own values. What makes their statement really strong is their mission to connect with people. And this goal has spread its wings, growing beyond their website and the food stops. Besides providing education to kids on healthy eating habits, fitness, sustainability etc, their music festival attracts some 20,000-like-minded people every year who come together to eat healthy food, listen to good music and give back to a cause. Simply endearing!

3) Patagonia

What is truly remarkable about Patagonia’s statement is how it vouches on quality products while also talking about philanthropic efforts to help the environment. It’s a win-win statement; while the first part of it is bound to bring them market success, the second part speaks volumes about the values that they share along with their customers. To them, “a love of wild and beautiful places demands participation in the fight to save them.” For this cause, the company regularly donates their time, services, and at least 1% of sales to environmental groups around the world.

4) American Express

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” That’s a direct quote from Simon Sinek. This is how American Express has made a mark for itself and stands out from other credit card companies. For them, offering good customer service is of utmost importance. They realize that their employees will be able to provide unlimited support and assistance to their customers only when they offer the same help and support to them (the employees).

So, if you too share similar values in your organization, it’s time you spread it out not just for better leads but also because the world in fact could use some goodness at the moment.



Lina Wang

Lina Wang is CEO of Atlantis Global, a US company that specializes in Ecommerce, Gaming and Venture Funding. She is popularly known among her circle as "The Poker Princess" and juggles her ecommerce, gaming business, marketing consultancy and family life with a passion for startups. Considered among the Top 30 Content Marketing Strategists globally, she also edits a popular Women’s Poker Magazine. Whether it is startup funding, developing cutting edge ecommerce platforms or even a friendly bit of poker strategy advice, she can be reached at lina@linawang.org